Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Babyface Fire Coming September 17!

All awesome things end in fire:

St. Elmo's Fire
Kindle Fire

And now, to be published on September 17...

 Cover Image, featuring Bleg the Hintarken

Babyface Fire is the world's first pro wrestling/fantasy novel. It is the second in The Adventurers series, the follow-up to The Adventure Tournament. Although the world and some of the characters will be familiar, get set to embark on a grand new adventure that explores the themes of love, change, respect, and closure. But don't worry... there's still plenty of humor and wacky adventuring along the way.

All Loebo wants in life is to lead the best team of adventurers in the kingdom, get filthy rich, and marry the prettiest lady he's ever met. Is that so much to ask?

But when Loebo and the Chosen Squad set out to rescue his love from her overprotective father, he finds out a bounty has been placed on his head, courtesy of his own grandmother!

While the Squad tries to unravel this mystery, Loebo comes across a wrestler-turned-adventurer named Bleg, who agrees to protect Loebo from the bounty hunters. But first, Bleg is hired to escort a young woman named Seren to her new job at OWW, Bolognia's premier wrestling league. As Bleg confronts a bitter past with the company's powers-that-be, Loebo finds himself the focal point of the biggest wrestling storyline of the year.


Back Cover Image, featuring Alyssa Blume, Loebo Anders, and Seren Lupen

All artwork was done by Laura Gomez. Visit her gallery at DeviantArt.