Monday, April 3, 2017

A Sense of Sacrifice coming on June 3! Kindle Preorder available now!

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On June 3, step back into the continent of Tormalia and continue the journey for the Elemental Stone with Nerris, Len-Ahl, and all the others. A Sense of Sacrifice will be available at Amazon and other retailers in both paperback and Kindle form but you can preorder it right now on Kindle and get it delivered to you on release day!

Nerris and his companions have braved many dangers in their quest to find the Elemental Stone. But they were thrown off their journey when Qabala and her minions stole the Dagger of Paral, leaving them with no knowledge on how to find the next marker of the Faery Footpath. The only solution is to track the Yagol queen down, but she will do anything to keep them behind her as she carves out her own road in order to fulfill her selfish desires.

Finding the Elemental Stone is the only way to stop Qabala and Eversor from dominating existence itself. But as they near their journey's end, Nerris must confront the ghosts of his past and find some way to live them in the present before they destroy the blossoming love between himself and the half-faery sorceress Len-Ahl.

In the third book of The Law of Eight, Nerris and Len-Ahl continue to traverse the Faery Footpath: the ultimate journey of friendship, love, loss, hardship... and sacrifice. What they find at the outcome may truly be the end, or a new beginning for all.
The story continues on June 3!

Cover art by Keith Draws Cover Art