Monday, December 16, 2013

The Invisible Thieves now available for FREE!

The Invisible Thieves, one of my novelettes and first episode in The Thrillseekers: Cadets of Gauntlet series, is now available for free at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major e-tailers. For those who have read Secrets of the Stonechaser, this is a prequel series detailing Nerris, Dist, and Jhareth's time at the fighting school Gauntlet during their teen years, and the adventures they encountered.

This is a short story of approximately 11,600 words.

Nerris, Dist and Jhareth are three boys from Oak Forest who want something better than their lives as common folk. They have come all the way to the city of Orrigo, the location of the famed fighting school Gauntlet. It is a place that has produced many of the best warriors in Tormalia, and they aim to be among them.

However, the realities of the situation soon set in. Nerris, Dist and Jhareth have no money for tuition, and go about getting it by any means necessary. An antique collector taps them to steal an old idol from the home of the city's ruler, Lord Gaviel Feigh. The boys quickly get more than they bargained for as they come to know the meaning of an old adage:

It's nice to look up at the sky, but watch where you're stepping.

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