Monday, February 1, 2016

Lost Chapters: Priority

Some of my writing was featured today on Genre Pulse in their Lost Chapters section. For those unfamiliar, they publish excerpts from books that their writers once started, but long since abandoned.

Priority was meant to be sort of mash-up of contemporary scifi/shoot 'em up. It was written in a few hours one boring night in 2003 when I was living with one of my best friends. One of the MCs' love for late-night cartoons, as well as the time travel plot, came from watching Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and an episode of Mystery Science Theater, which I was watching as I was writing. Since I only had a setup in mind, and absolutely no idea where I was going with it, it was quickly forgotten and thus remains unfinished. 


Rafe had to go. He didn’t have any place in particular that he needed to be, he needed togo go. It was with much discomfort that he told Jody to pull over. Jody was irritated, but he steered his ’79 Monte Carlo into the parking lot of a local fast food restaurant, grumbling all the while about not making it home in time for his favorite cartoons. 

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